Review: Scott Kelby's Lightroom Tour

I recently attended Scott Kelby's 2017 Lightroom Tour presentation and came away favorably impressed. I attended a Photoshop workshop he did in 2008, and of the two, this was the better experience, although the Photoshop presentation was a good one. Back then, there were frequent "commercials" for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), which Kelby started, and it was a bit off-putting. This time, he soft-pedaled Kelbyone membership. (I'm not a member and don't plan on joining, but it may be a good choice for others. Undoubtedly, it offers a lot to members, though the yearly fee is a bit steep for my needs.)

The workshop is focused primarily on demonstrating what LR can do, with live examples of how to accomplish frequent tasks and solve common problems with the program. It is highly scripted and there are no question-and-answer opportunities. (With 300 attendees, that would simply be impractical.) Offsetting the script is Kelby's breezy, relaxed teaching style. The slides and videos are supplemented with a handout that contains the same information, so almost no note-taking is required.

Early on Kelby asked for a show of hands of those who start their editing in Photoshop before taking the image to LR. Amazingly, well over half indicated they did. Personally, I rarely open Photoshop, though it's nice to have it for certain tasks, such as those requiring text or image transparency.

Overall, I think this workshop is best for new users and those considering a move to LR. It will whet your appetite for expanding your LR skills and demystify some of LR's features. Kelby is not an Adobe cheerleader and he's quick to point out LR's shortcomings and quirks. Having used LR since version 3, I can attest to its amazing power, as well as its cluttered interface with tiny, embedded switches and arrows. If you're considering LR as your image processor and digital asset manager, this is a good place to start.