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Patience is a Photographic Virtue

Here are the keys to photographic success:

  1. Buy an expensive DSLR.

  2. Roar up to a turnout near a scenic outlook.

  3. Thrust camera out of the window and take several frames.

  4. Drive off.

  5. Admire your work at home.

This really happened and I caught it entirely by accident. I was positioned at the Hurricane Point turnout just south of the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, waiting for the light from the setting sun to get just right. My camera was mounted on my tripod and every few minutes I took a frame or two. Suddenly, a car drove up and the scene I just described unfolded. I swung around and captured it.

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Photographing Big Sur's Portal Rock

Tucked away in the heart of Big Sur is Pfeiffer State Beach, home of a unique rock formation that sits just off the beach. I've heard it called "Portal Rock" and "Keyhole Rock." Whatever its name, for a few days each winter the setting sun comes streaming through the  portal for just a few minutes during the winter solstice in December, attracting photographers from all over the country.

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A Morro Bay Morning

I was up before dawn, one of my favorite times to photograph. My time in California was dwindling. I came to one of my favorite locations in Morro Bay to catch the sunrise hitting Morro Rock. Sometimes, the sun seems to set the rock on fire with a golden glow. That was not to be on this day, but I captured a scene that became my favorite image of the trip and of my favorites of all time.

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