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The Scourge of the Selfie

I took this at Lipan Point at the easternmost end of the Grand Canyon one December morning. It exemplifies what I call the “scourge of the selfie.” Over the past few years I’ve watched countless people who don’t appear to travel to see someplace new, but to take their picture taken, usually with a selfie stick. They pay scant attention to the sights.

Yes, I’ve taken selfies, but I don’t put national parks or famous landmarks in them. If I want a photo of the Grand Canyon, I take photos of the Grand Canyon. Obviously, you don’t need to see me in the photo to know I was there.

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The Noisy Photographer: Stop Talking

A couple years ago, I spent several days shooting in the Moab area at Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. Unfortunately, the sun played hide 'n' seek, and it was mostly "hide." On two mornings I was at Mesa Arch, hoping to capture the glow that comes with sunrise as I had on a previous trip. It was not to be. The sky remained overcast and I didn't get any memorable shots like the one I captured a couple of years earlier (above). Not surprisingly, there were 8 other photographers there (typical for Mesa Arch, although I had it to myself a couple years before) and we were tripod-to-tripod, waiting for sunrise. It was December and very cold, but that's we signed up for.

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The Solo Photographer

Recently, I've found myself in several online discussions with other photographers about the appeal of organized photo tours or impromptu shoots, versus individual photo trips. To my surprise, many of the others echoed my preference to do their photographic exploring (generally outdoor and landscape photography) on their own. Interestingly, like me they often described themselves as introverts. I have to admit, this was more than a little reassuring.

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Patience is a Photographic Virtue

Here are the keys to photographic success:

  1. Buy an expensive DSLR.

  2. Roar up to a turnout near a scenic outlook.

  3. Thrust camera out of the window and take several frames.

  4. Drive off.

  5. Admire your work at home.

This really happened and I caught it entirely by accident. I was positioned at the Hurricane Point turnout just south of the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, waiting for the light from the setting sun to get just right. My camera was mounted on my tripod and every few minutes I took a frame or two. Suddenly, a car drove up and the scene I just described unfolded. I swung around and captured it.

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