The Oregon Coast


The Oregon Coast

Face Rock, Bandon, OR

Other than attending a professional conference in Portland years ago, I had never had the opportunity to visit the state.  I decided to plan a photo trip there in the spring. Much reading and many YouTube videos later I put together a fairly ambitious itinerary that began in the north at Seaside/Astoria, after which I would work my way south to Bandon, then over to the Mt. Hood area, and home. I decided to largely skip the popular Columbia Gorge area, as much of it was still closed due to forest fires in September 2017.

Drying Out in Seaside.jpg

Drying out in Seaside

Planning the trip was relatively easy; the hard part was planning for the weather. I took tall rubber boots for the coast, which I highly recommend for dealing with the rocks and beaches. I was hopeful that most of the winter storms would have worked their way through by April, but it was not to be. Bad storms rolled through the first half of the week, largely keeping me away from Thor's Well, and forcing me to squeeze in some shooting between squalls. As if that wasn't enough, a mud slide briefly closed Highway 101.

At the end of the week, I decided it was all worth it and I am planning to return, mostly further south of Bandon. I highly recommend the area to photographers who enjoy a rugged coast, good food, and spectacular scenery.

Get the  Google Map .

Get the Google Map.

I have not photographed all the locations above. I highly recommend Greg Vaughn's web site and excellent book, Photographing Oregon, for detailed information.

I also recommend Nick Page's YouTube channel for extremely helpful and entertaining videos on photographing this area.

Favorite Locations

Wreck of the Peter Iredale (Astoria)
Cape Perpetua & Thor's Well
Heceta Head Light
Bandon Beach